Bonfire Candles

We are proud to stock Bonfire Candle Co scented soywax candles.
These hand poured 150g candles are available in a bundle with our Original & Double Up bouquets for an extra special gift.

We pair a different candle with every bouquet. See below for a description of scents.

Tropical Break - A blend of passionfruit and papaya with a touch of lemon, lime and orange with base notes of Tahitian vanilla and coconut

Sweet Slice - Salted caramel fudge with warm creamy butterscotch and a lasting note of sweet vanilla wafers. Top notes of vanilla bean, maple toffee and malt.

Morning Grind - Freshly roasted coffee-beans blended with a touch of creamy chocolate fudge.

Golden Pear - Crisp tree ripened pears lightly blend with hints of fresh dandelion and wildflower. This fresh aroma is also subtly blended with French spices and creamy vanilla.

Island Mist - Fresh coconut, lime and vanilla. The irresistible added fragrance of whipped cream and grated coconut.

Pink Posy - Freshly picked peonies and velvety rose petals. With an added soft mix of crisp mimosa blossom and fruity tangerine.

Warm Spice - Full bodied spiced cinnamon compliment a lasting base of clove and creamy vanilla.

White Orchard - Sweet pea and star jasmine perfectly balanced with fruity and floral notes of nashi pear and lily.

Wild Citrus - a crisp mix of sweetened lemongrass and fresh mint  with added middle notes of herbal lime and citrus lemon.

*Subject to availability. For a list of current in stock scents please contact us.

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